The Netgear N900 Wi-Fi Dual Band Gigabit Router Wndr4500 It Is A Highly Rated Router

If you are a computer network administrator or perhaps just a regular PC user, you must have seen the particular IP address somewhere. Understanding what this specific Internet protocol address may be, is often quite important if you need to set up a LAN, start using a wireless router or something of that nature.

Every website has its own Internet Protocol address, referred by This is a string of numbers or as divided into four sections and each section having up to three numbers. Many times there are even four numbers. It may even look like As these figures are quite hard to remember web addresses are used to the relative ease of use. But a web address is connected to each IP address to leave the computer network know what you need and where to get it.

Insert the Resource CD in your PC, it starts automatically when you are prompted to select the language. Now click Next to continue. Now you must click ‘setup’ to start Smart Setup Wizard. Now follow the instructions and the wizard will check your Internet connection, configure wireless network settings and choose the optimal level of security for your network. is in the set of addresses that fall between to Currently, companies like Netgear use as part of their broadband services.

Connect the first of your computers (the server) to the Internet and test the connection to make sure it works properly. Then click Start -> Control Panel -> double click Network Connections -> click the right button on the Internet connection and select Properties. Click the Advanced tab and check the Allow other network users to connect through the Internet connection of this computer.

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Once logged in, click to highlight the Applications & Gaming tab. Click the tab Port Range Forward and Port Range screen appears. Since this is a manual configuration, you must know the port numbers to enter in the required fields. Select TCP or UDP or both under the Protocol pull-down menu. Click to check the Enable box next to each port forwarding application.

Generally, the wireless router configuration commands are generally achieved via this IP address, allowing you to change several settings like: safety and security, adjust the LAN settings or perhaps change the user name and password past. It is a unique experience when you know you can manage specific configurations.